About Our Team

Henry Doiban

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Henry Doiban is a successful venture capitalist in diverse emerging markets. He nurtures dreams into industry dominating business. He is the vice president of Potent Investments, but that has not stopped him from creating pioneering and high performing teams worldwide. He is recognized financial advisor both locally and internationally. He is an investment analysis, who has helped people build and own structures through real estate, but not confined to one field.

Henry is a bold, professional advisor as he entered the cannabis industry to provide financial models, strategies, robust metrics and proven action plans that people have used and achieved excellent results. His experience of 20 years in different industry backgrounds has enabled him to bolster competitiveness, propel achievement and drive business to achieve planned financials goals. The cannabis industry is a huge beneficiary of this influential financial advisor. Being a young industry that has just gained its independence, experts like Alex have been the supportive partners. Their advice has helped to bridge the gap between operations and finance, which has led to a vast growth of the industry.

Henry’s ever fresh ideas, and business intuition spotted the growth opportunity in the marijuana industry. He has helped people to venture into the untapped market and assisted them to build wealth. Apart from making generational wealth, Henry is also helping alleviate pain from patients suffering chronic illnesses by being part of medical marijuana investment growth.
Henry is skilled at detecting global impacts likely to occur in multifaceted situations, which call for knowledge and excellent practices in every business. He offers strategic methods to cultivate teamwork and long-lasting customer relationships that benefit every company regardless of its specialty.

Eugene Todd

Vice President and Director

Eugene Todd is a financial expert with vast knowledge about stock offerings, mergers and business acquisitions, assets securitizations, leveraged finance and debt offerings both private and public. He is the Potent Investment’s secretary, a financial company based in New York. Over the years, Eugene has done many strategic transactions for his clients and given them excellent results. He has the passion and motivation for what he does and values every individual. This money matters expert believes in motivating others and helps to bring out the best in them. With his understanding of buying and selling economics, this leader has transformed the financial lives of many people.

Eugene has worked with clients in the marijuana industry and assisted them to realize their dreams. The cannabis industry has gained societal acceptance and its one the lucrative businesses, but must be managed professionally. Unlike what most people would think, marijuana industry has enormous potential. Armed with financial expertise, Eugene has created success stories regardless of his client’s investment. His skills have turned around the fortunes of people running cannabis companies and his knowledge about this type of business is massive.

Eugene is the man consulted whenever financial advice is needed comprehensively. His authority is tangible, yet he is easy to talk. He has earned respect from people of all walks thanks to his ability to balance complex regulations and real-life stressful situations. Eugene is a man of integrity and always ready to take the bull by its horn.

Alex Todd

VP Marketing Director

Alex Todd is the president of Potent Investments. He has been in the financial sector for over 20 years. During this time, he has turned dreams into reality using his knowledge and different development strategies. His primary area of experience is investment banking and real estate. He is also known for his role in pioneering the legal cannabis industry. Despite his senior position, Alex believes in giving his clients the best. Alex values every opportunity and will weave an idea into a big success story. The skeptical thinking of people about marijuana did not stop him from putting his credible voice in the industry. This inspiring leader rounded up different aspects of the cannabis industry with his immense experience in various marketplaces.

In 2016, the legal cannabis industry was allowed in some states. Alex took the opportunity to support and offer financial advice in support of legal marijuana. He is an expert in comprehensive investment analysis. With his client-focused attitude, Alex has been able to provide risk tolerance, time frames and financial goals using his programs that are tailor-made to fit every client’s needs.

While working with his clients, Alex has assisted hundreds of people to develop personalized financial plans that include financial management, asset allocation, college planning, retirement planning and succession planning. With the cannabis investors getting comfortable and proud of their business, Alex has been in the center of transforming marijuana growers’ business people into professional investors. He has been the part of the legal cannabis movement that is pushing forward.

Robert Carp

Secretary Director

Robert Carp is the Head of Carp Law Group. Mr. Carp has acquired an expertise in the cannabis industry that is considered world class. His practice empowers clients with guidance involving the development and maintenance of full turn-key applications for dispensaries, cultivation facilities and other grow facilities; supporting a spectrum of dispensaries in their endeavor to develop efficient and profitable state-of-the-art harvesting operations.

Mr Carp has developed a successful career in assisting clients with compliance and OSHA issues, local business rules and federal regulation. He is the founder of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensers Association. He was Dean’s Council of Harvard University. He has been a Member of Board of Advisors at Grow Condos, Inc. since June 24, 2016. He is the author of the 350-page industry bible, “The Marijuana Business Operations Guide”, which is a comprehensive step by step manual designed to help newly aspiring entrepreneurs save tens of thousands on legal bills and consulting fees by capitalizing on the acquired knowledge and experience of successful business leaders in the growing industry.

Aaron Berger


Aaron is a California attorney and real estate broker. Aaron runs and manages his own boutique legal practice and brokerage.

Due to his experience in providing legal services to Cannabis businesses in California and Oregon over the past 4 years, Aaron has accumulated a vast and extensive amount of knowledge of California and Oregon Marijuana laws and procedures.

Aaron flies to Oregon every week to check in and make sure things are running smoothly. Aaron is one of the owners and original investors of Potent Farms.

Aaron also has an ownership in an indoor cultivation facility in Los Angeles County.



Potent Investments is primarily a team of cannabis and compliance experts. Our secret sauce is a slow cooked mix of experience, business talent and passion for the legal cannabis industry.

We closely monitor legislative and regulatory trends, taking copious notes of the nuances in different jurisdictions. Regardless of our clients' geographical placement, we are the compliance experts they can go to for the latest information.

We understand the critical role that physicians will play in moving forward the industry of medical cannabis. We focus our collaboration efforts on finding and educating the forward thinking medical professionals in new, better methods of treatment.

We have financial expertise that spans multiple commercial international markets. Our core executives all have a passion for the marijuana industry as well, with accomplishments in the first mover market for legal marijuana. Our ideas are born of the nuanced perception that comes only from successful experiments and experience. We back those ideas with a mental and financial conviction that we are uniquely positioned to employ.

Development Plan

We plan to develop a resale and distribution operations for marijuana and cannabis products produced by other growers and extraction companies with initial emphasis not only on the actual extraction of cannabis oil but on the production of various products, including edibles, using the extracted oils for direct sale to consumers.

The Cannabis Market Opportunity

Even short term uncertainty cannot curb the opportunity of this growing industry. First movers will be rewarded as the political skies clear (eight states now have full legalization, over 50% of the US has medical legalization). The time is now for investments and expansion.

Target Market

Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. These new markets could create $7 billion to $8 billion in additional retail revenue for the industry, according to estimates by Marijuana Business Daily.