New Opportunities for Treatment and Enrichment

As a medical professional, you invest a lot of time in your practice. You have heard the conversations regarding medical cannabis. Once occasional chatter among oncologists and hematologists, today a growing consensus of practitioners with patients seeking pain management consider cannabis a viable treatment option for many practices. Not addictive like opioid painkillers or some legally available items such as alcohol or tobacco, cannabis-based medicine is an emerging area of practice that may offer better options for chronic pain and other diagnoses than traditional prescriptions that have the potential for overdosing.

As more communities accept the legitimacy of medical cannabis, physicians will play an important role in standardizing practices, treatment methodologies, and dosages. Medical professionals should also invest time to learn about the potential for this area of practice, one gaining new ground due to changing regulation yet one that has been accepted by many societies for thousands of years.

Legislative and Regulatory Impacts

Cannabis legislation and regulation will have a huge impact on the market potential for this industry. The expert team at Potent Investments LLC tracks this expanding area of practice. Our firm understands the importance of monitoring legislative and regulatory trends, and realizes that nuances in different jurisdictions influence the market. For example, states that permit the use of cannabis with articulated distribution points and consider chronic pain a “qualifying condition” have favorable market prospects.

Physicians see the therapeutic potential as well as the need to advocate against Draconian laws from the “Reefer Madness” mindset. Groups such as Doctors for Cannabis Regulation argue for sensible regulation rather than harmful, ineffective, and unnecessary prohibition, adding that a physician does not need to be “pro-marijuana to oppose its prohibition.”

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